Insurance Work

Insurance work undertaken we can liaise with your insurance company & carry out any work requested.

Minimising the impact of an accident

Our main goal has always been to limit the stress that you experience following an accident and minimise the inconvenience that you suffer. As our business has grown, we’ve never lost sight of that commitment to you and we continue to put your accident after care at the heart of everything we do.

From your first call to us, we’ll make sure we reduce the impact of an accident on your day-to-day life. You’ll be assigned a claims handler straight away, so you’ll know exactly who’s taking care of things for you from start to finish. And we’ll speak to your insurance company and other parties involved in the accident so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Replacing your vehicle

We make sure that all our customers who aren't at fault get a replacement vehicle that’s a similar size and specification as their own, and you’ll get to keep that until your own car has been repaired or – if it cannot be repaired – until you’ve received your settlement cheque. Of course, we’ll deliver and collect your replacement vehicle completely free of charge to a convenient location.

Non Fault Motor Accidents

If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault you don’t have to claim from your insurance company.

If it’s a non fault claim you are entitled to a like for like vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired.

If Non Fault Car Accidents manage your claim for you, you won’t have to pay your excess or lose your no claims bonus.

If your car is written off by someone else you could have the use of a hire car until your claim is paid and if your car is unroadworthy you could be in a replacement car within 24hours.


We know it can be a traumatic experience to be involved in an accident, but it’s important to stay calm and put your health and wellbeing – and that of other people involved – above everything else.

Swap details

If your accident is a serious one, it’s likely that the police and other emergency services will be called. They will ensure that the necessary administrative procedures are followed, taking the names and contact details of people involved.

But for less serious accidents – especially where there is no immediate sign of injury from anyone involved – it will be up to you to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance details of all involved. Make sure you do this at the scene. And be sure to take the names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident too.

No need to call your insurance company – your dedicated claims handler will do that for you. And in the event of non fault accidents we’ll pick up your vehicle and deliver a similar-sized replacement for you to use while we carry out your repairs.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired, you can keep your hire car until your settlement cheque arrives (we’ll organise that for you too). We’ll then come and collect your replacement vehicle from somewhere near you – leaving you to get on with life while we sort out your claim.

What now?

If you’ve had an accident, contact us as soon as you can and let our claims handling team take things from there.